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Sustainability-X is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses create ESG reports in a straightforward and professional manner. It allows businesses to self-assess their operations, human resources, technology, and commitments to environmental, social, and governance policies through a cloud-based application that eliminates the need to save spreadsheet files on someone's computer. The ESG report created through Sustainability-X is a document that provides transparency on environmental, social, and governance disclosures that align with the UN SDGs and international ESG frameworks such as GRI and SASB. It also informs stakeholders about the company's adherence to sustainability goals and how they can identify areas for improvement.

Think your business is too small to justify making sustainability a priority? The market is telling you that it’s time to think again. ESG shouldn’t be regarded simply as an obligation — it can also lead to new business opportunities and higher profit margins. SMEs that embrace ESG are more likely to attract sustainability-focused investors and therefore more capital. Younger employees prefer to work for companies that are perceived to have a net positive impact on the world. Businesses that can envision and seize those opportunities by embracing ESG will be setting themselves on a road to success — especially smaller businesses, which have some advantages over their larger counterparts. While large corporations clearly have the resources, including entire sustainability teams, to draft and implement ESG policies and guidelines, develop green products, and enter into high-level sustainability partnerships and agreements, SMEs have limited resources to implement ESG strategy and reporting. Sustainability-X includes a feature that assists SMEs in populating their ESG reports with AI input suggestions so that they can prepare their own disclosures rather than relying on the entire GRI, SASB standards as large enterprises do. This capability can assist SMEs in publishing their ESG reports with minimal resources and no hassle.

It has AI capabilities that generate recommendations for each business, particularly SMEs with limited resources for implementing ESG targets. In our new innovative Sustainability-X platform, the sustainability professionals will provide the corporate account/personal account with username and password to log in and follow the assessment flow by filling each information field. The AI technology will be integrated into the platform to analyze the information provided by users to assess their ESG commitment or current ESG status, the percentage they are and will be aligned with SDGs, the recommendation for each criterion, and the SDG adoption roadmap for each business.

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A cloud-based platform that assists businesses to generate ESG reports



Sustainability-X is a business intelligence firm that offers a software platform for ESG data collection, material topics assessment, and ESG report generation based on international frameworks such as GRI, SASB, or even simplified standards for SMEs. Our product suite is accessible, affordable, and intelligent, and it caters to both large corporations and SMEs looking to implement best practices for integrating ESG into their operations.


At Sustainability-X, we envision greater access to diverse, high-quality ESG data and streamlined integration of ESG processes for businesses, particularly SMEs with limited resources to implement ESG targets.

We strive to achieve our vision with our cloud-based platform by allowing the use of standard frameworks such as GRI and SASB, as well as the generation of customized frameworks to suit the company's specific needs and intuitive displays of ESG insights.


Sustainability-X, which was founded in 2022 and has a team with extensive experience in various fields related to ESG implementation. Our platform is purpose-built and optimized for global ESG reporting on a single platform, eliminating the need for several systems to be cobbled together on a regular basis for corporate reporting. The platform's advantages are best for SMEs because the time and cost savings it provides are exponentially more valuable than other complex software.



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